‘Jail term for those who abandon their parents,’ says minister Vijay Sampla

While addressing the Rajya Sabha today, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Vijay Sampla, in a written reply stated that the union government is considering taking strict action upon those who abandon their elderly parents

Jail for those who abandon their parents, Minister Vijay Sampla

The minister stated, “The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 is being considered for amendments which inter-alia propose that whoever, having the care or protection of parent(s)/senior citizen(s) intentionally abuses or abandons such parent(s)/senior citizen(s) shall be punishable with imprisonment of not less than three months which may be extended to six months or fine up to Rupees Ten Thousand or both.”

He added, “The term ‘children’ includes son or daughter whether biological, adoptive or step, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandson, grand-daughter and also includes a minor through his/her legal guardian as the case may be.”

This information was given by Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Vijay Sampla in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Prakash Borgaonkar, Director of Help-age India, said, “Taking care of our aged parents is our responsibility. It is also part of our culture. But these days, senior citizens are sent to old-aged homes by their own children, some children trouble their aged parents till the point which makes them leave their house. We had earlier made request to the government to punish such children.”

He added, “It is a welcome move by the government to protect senior citizens. But apart from doing social work for the elderly, the government should also open counselling centre for the children of senior citizens, to help change their mind-set towards their parents. The law should only be applied when an individual does not change their hostile behaviour toward their parents.”

  • Raj Bhutani

    My wife is second of 3-daughters. While the other2-sisters have tactfullyrefused to look after their now 87-year old father, I &my wife hv looked after him for last 22-years since the death of my mother in law. My family life, career ambitions, our lone child all hv suffered due to this responsibility. What are my options? What is the Govt doing to help me? Any action possible against the other irresponsible family members??