It will be a miracle if Eman stands, let alone walk, says Saifee doctor

As Eman Ahmed is headed to a hospital in Abu Dhabi which has promised to make her walk, doctors treating her in Mumbai say the feat is close to impossible

It will be a miracle if Eman stands, let alone walk, says Saifee doctor

Eman Ahmed will shortly leave Mumbai after her 81-day stay at Saifee Hospital, where she lost not only 325 kilos, but also the tag of the ‘world’s heaviest woman’.

Eman is headed to the Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, which has promised to make her walk. In fact, her inability to do so had prompted her sister Shaimaa Selim to move her out of Saifee Hospital. Read: Eman’s sister defamatory video. She will be treated for neurological and physiological rehabilitation at the Abu Dhabi facility.

However, Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Satish Modi, who works at Saifee Hospital, said Eman will require multiple surgeries for her deformed hip and legs. And even then, there is still no guarantee she will be able to walk.

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“The orthopaedic surgeries for Eman will be much more difficult as compared to the bariatric surgeries for her weight loss. Her bone structure is poor. It is fibrous instead of bony, making it an uphill task for doctors to make her walk. I would say it would indeed be a miracle if she stands, let alone walk,” said Dr Modi who saw Eman on Saturday.

Eman was flown to Saifee Hospital from Alexandria in Egypt on February 11. Weighing over 500 kilos, Eman was flown down in a cargo plane and admitted to the hospital under the care of bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. She was operated upon on March 7 and now weighs 175 kilos. Read: Eman does not smile anymore.

After the much publicised displeasure of Eman’s sister Shaimaa on the course of treatment given at Saifee Hospital, the Burjeel Hospital team of doctors have promised to make Eman walk.

Dr Modi, however, says, “She has deformed hips and knee and we don’t have that medical history. The deformities cannot be corrected,” he said.

The orthopaedic surgeon said Eman will need highly specialised physiotherapy along with multiple procedures to allow her to even stand for a brief period. “She will need at least three corrective surgeries on both sides of legs and will need splints (a strip of rigid material used for supporting and immobilising a broken bone when it has been set). However, her muscles are weak as they haven’t been used for years. So even with all these corrective procedures, it will be a miracle if she can just manage to stand,” said Dr Modi and added that Eman also has arthritis in one of her knees that will impair movement.

According to her sister Shaimaa, Eman, at the age of 11, had gained immense weight because of which she could not stand up on her own. It forced her to crawl on her knees. Eman has been bedridden for the last 25 years and is paralysed on the right side of her body. Read: Eman’s genetic defect that led to obesity

With Burjeel hospital yet to confirm Eman’s arrival, the Saifee Hospital staff continues with Eman’s physiotherapy sessions.  “She is doing good and we are continuing with her treatment,” said Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, one of the doctors treating Eman.