Is your kulfi safe to eat?

Is the kulfi you have been eating of good quality? In order to beat the heat, we all make our way to the roadside kulfi seller. But, before doing so, you must read this. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has seized contaminated kulfi worth Rs 52,000 from Charkop, Mumbai  

Is your kulfi safe to eat?

  • The Maharashtra Food and Drugs Department (FDA) has seized adulterated kulfi from Mumbai’s Kandivali area.
  • Kulfi manufacturing units in Mumbai, are on the FDA’s radar as they use contaminated water and inferior quality products to make additional gains.
  • FDA officers say, the place where the kulfi was being manufactured, was not a hygienic place.
  • The FDA has warned people not to eat kulfi from a roadside vendor.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shailesh Aadhav, Joint Commissioner (Food) FDA, Maharashtra, said, “During one of our raids on the kulfi manufacturing unit we found out, no hygiene was maintained by the owner while making it. The ingredients which are used for making a kulfi were of inferior quality. Contaminated water is used to wash the utensils.”

He further said, “Our drug inspectors have seized and destroyed the kulfi as it was not fit for the human consumption.”

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FDA officers say as the demand increases the kulfi manufactures use inferior quality of products for making huge monetary gains. Like contaminated cold drinks this too can cause health ailments.