Parents, is your child eating fake chocolate?

The Food and Drugs Department (FDA) Maharashtra has seized bogus chocolates worth Rs 18 lakhs. The chocolates have been seized from Masjid Bunder in Mumbai. The FDA has sent the seized samples for testing


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Almost everyone, regardless their age can’t resist this temptation. Chocolate is our weak point. But, are the chocolates which we are eating safe? Are your kids having unadulterated chocolates to eat?

This question had risen due to the recent action, which was taken by the Maharashtra FDA against the fake chocolate manufactures. The FDA officers had raided a chocolate manufacturing unit in Masjid Bunder area in Mumbai.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Shailesh Aadhav, Joint Commissioner Food said, “We had raided the premises of the chocolate manufacturing unit on September 10. The unit was not complying with the rules and regulations laid down in the Food Security Act. Adequate information about a vegetarian chocolate was not given on the rapper. Also, the unit was selling the branded chocolates without a proper license. We have seized goods worth Rs 18 lakhs for investigation.”

Aadhav further said, “We have sent the samples in the laboratory for the purpose of testing. We will also investigate those who have purchased chocolates from this unit. Within 15 days we will receive the report from the lab.”

So, the next time when you are buying a chocolate for your child, just keep in the mind that you need to check the authentication and required government and food safety marks on the chocolate.