Is female sexual dysfunction linked with mental health issues?

Generally, no one openly talks about their sex life. Talking about sex is still considered as a taboo in our society. A lot of men and woman suffer from sexual dysfunction. But, don’t open up with their partners about it or don’t consult a doctor for help


Are mental health issues connected with losing one’s desire for sex? Health experts state that in a lot of cases mental health is one of the factors which contributes to loss of sexual desire. And the cases of sexual dysfunction are rising worldwide.

Mental health experts believe, globally, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) has emerged as a major problem which needs to be tackled with clinical care. And, it has a firm connection with mental health disorders.

A few medical conditions are also linked to losing the desire for sex among women.

My Medical Mantra spoke to a few mental health experts and tried to understand the link between sexual dysfunction and mental health disorders.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Darpan Kaur, a Mumbai-based consultant psychiatrist, said, “Mental health plays a very important factor in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship. Mental health can affect sexual desire. There are lots of cases, which we have seen, where female sexual dysfunction is linked with the mental health of a woman.”

“If a woman is suffering from sexual dysfunction, then she is likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder, mood disorder or schizophrenia. In this case, a woman must undergo both tests to know the exact underlying cause,” added Dr Kaur.

Female sexual dysfunction can be experienced during sexual activity including lack of desire and difficulty in achieving an orgasm.

Dr Sagar Mundada, a psychiatrist attached with Health Springs Clinic, Mumbai, said, “Losing emotional connect with a partner, fear of sex, stress, no proper sleep and lack of rest are the major causes of female sexual dysfunction. Depression and other mental illnesses also contribute to loss of desire for sex. If a woman is on mental health medication, this also can cause female sexual dysfunction.”

A few studies conducted in India and abroad have also show that female sexual dysfunction is rising and needs a clinical evaluation. As it has a connection with mental disorders.