International Women’s Day: ‘One Rupee Clinic’ to provide medical check-ups for women

Women usually tend to neglect their health as they are more involved in balancing their career and home life. For this reason, Mumbai’s ‘One Rupee Clinic’ have decided to provide check-ups for an affordable rate. This will help them take care of their well-being, by letting them know if they have any underlying health problems

A brainchild of two doctor siblings, Mumbai’s 6 railway stations get unique ‘One Rupee Clinic’ for commuters

On March 08, ‘One Rupee Clinic’ will conduct free medical check-up for women at 15 railway stations in Mumbai. The check-up will be conducted at stations such as Dadar, Wadala, Kurla, Sion, Vikhroli, Byculla, Vashi, Titwala and so on. In this health camp, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and blood test CBC will be checked.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rahul Ghule, CEO and founder of One Rupee Clinic said, “Even a woman’s life is stressful. In order to de-stress, exercise and yoga should be practised regularly. But, it becomes difficult for them to strike a work-life balance. Owing to which, we have decided to conduct tests for blood pressure, height, weight, blood test, sonography screening etc. These tests will be done on the spot and the reports will be handed over to them immediately.”

He added, “In private hospitals, these tests cost Rs 1,000 to 2,000 but we will be doing them at affordable rate of Rs 200. Also women are unaware about ‘One Rupee Clinic’ which are located at the railway stations. The helpline number for the clinic is 08030636166.”

‘One Rupee Clinic’ is the brainchild of Dr Rahul Ghule and his younger brother Dr Amol Ghule. The growing disparity between health care and its affordability for the common man has inspired these two doctors to introduce a ‘One Rupee Clinic’ at the city’s railway stations.