International Noise Awareness Day: Excessive noise can lead to partial hearing loss

In a metro like Mumbai noise is inescapable, one can hear loud noise wherever they are. Be it on the local train or while walking on the road. Construction activity too, adds extra decibels to noise pollution. All of thid can take a tol; on our health and also lead to partial or total hearing loss


Sometimes, you feel frustrated and say – this is it! And you try and close your ears with your hands just to protect your ears from the blaring sound. The excessive noise not only impacts your ears, but also has a negative impact on your mind as well.

Doctors say that headache, mental tension and anxiety are three major ailments which can be developed due to exposure from to loud noise.

Every year, the last Wednesday of April, is celebrated worldwide as ‘No Honking Day’. As per WHO’s estimate, around 1 million healthy lives are lost due to the deafening sounds.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Nilam Sathe, Associate Professor of the KEM hospital said, “We cannot bear to hear a sound beyond 100 decibels. While travelling, if some motorist honks very loudly, we tend to put our hands on the ears. Loud noise can cause many issues, like hearing loss, high blood pressure etc. Those who are suffering from high BP can have a massive heart attack as well.”

Experts say that nowadays another reason which is becoming one of the main factors for the hearing loss among the younger generation is headphones. People tend to hear songs or music at a high volume. This also has impact s the ears.

Dr Sriniwas Chavan, Prof and Head of the ENT department at Sir JJ Hospital said, “A sound which is more than 80 decibels is not good for the ears. Truck and the big vehicles have pressure horns, if we hear a sound more than 80 decibels at a stretch for eight hours, then one can turn deaf.”

The Maharashtra government on April 24, launched a ‘No Honking Logo’ as part of the state government’s initiative to spread the awareness about ‘No Honking’ among citizens.

Dr Deepak Sawant, Health Minister of Maharashtra, has also appealed the citizens not to use the horns unnecessarily.