Injured husband consents to donate brain-dead wife’s organs, helps save 3 lives

The family of a 44-year-old brain-dead woman helped in providing the gift of life to three patients who were waitlisted for an organ transplant. This invaluable sacrifice will help give them a second chance at life

organ donation

The husband of the deceased donor was injured in a car accident with his wife and family members. When doctors approached him for consent, he showed great courage and gave his approval for organ donation. The family was aware of organ donation and felt it would be of more help to the people who were in need.

The organ donation took place at Jupiter Hospital in Thane. In all, a liver, kidney and corneas were received from the brain-dead organ donor.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Anirudh Kulkarni, ZTCC coordinator for Jupiter Hospital stated, “The family is from Mulund in Mumbai. A few days back, they were on their way to Valsad by road for an outing. They met with a road accident in Vapi at Pardi village. There was a hospital nearby and several members of the family were admitted to the hospital.”

He added, “A few days back they were shifted to Jupiter Hospital. The 44-year-old woman was declared brain-dead on June 15. Her husband was also under treatment and had slightly recovered. They sought the permission of the deceased person’s husband for organ donation. The husband was aware of organ donation and came forward on his own to donate his wife’s organs.”

Kukarni further said, “A liver, kidneys and cornea were retrieved during the organ donation procedure. In accordance with ZTCC guidelines, the liver was retained at Jupiter Hospital, one kidney was utilised on a wait-listed patient at Jupiter Hospital while the other kidney was sent to Jaslok Hospital. The corneas were sent to the eye bank.”