Infant with a congenital defect in dire need of funds for cochlear implant

He is just eight months old, yet he is unable to hear his name being called out by his parents or relatives. He was born to his parents after many years of them trying to conceive a child. But his parents were shattered when they realised that their own child can’t hear them

Suyash Bedekar
Suyash Bedekar

Suyash Bedekar, an eight-month-old is suffering from bilateral profound Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). It is a kind of hearing loss due to the damage in the inner ear or the nerve from the ear to the brain.

He urgently needs to undergo a cochlear implant. He is currently undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s civic-run KEM Hospital in Parel.

The cost of the surgery would go up to around Rs 12 lakh and the Bedekar family who hails from Ratnagiri, Maharashtra cannot afford the treatment as they are economically-challenged. The family earns their livelihood by farming

In order to treat their only son, the family have started crowdfunding to finance Suyash’s treatment.

Suyash was not able to hear properly since birth. But, the family came to realise this only a month ago.

The family brought him to Mumbai’s KEM hospital for further treatment after they were advised to do so by local doctors.

Sushma Bedekar, Suyash’s aunt said, “Suyash was not paying attention to us whenever we used to call him by his name. We then came to know that Suyash is suffering from a hearing problem. So, we took him to a doctor for examination. But, after the tests, we got to know that he is suffering from  bilateral profound SNHL.”

She further added, “We brought him to Mumbai’s KEM hospital for the treatment. Doctors have informed us that he needs a cochlear implant so that he can hear properly. But the surgery cost of the surgery will go up to 12 lakhs rupees. My brother (Suyash’s father) is a farmer and doesn’t have enough money for the treatment. So we have started crowdfunding to arrange for the required amount.”

Dr Hetal Marfatia, Head of the ENT department at KEM Hospital, said, “This young child boy a hearing defect since birth. He needs to undergo  a cochlear implant surgery so that he can hear properly in the future. We have asked the family of the boy to arrange for the funds which are required for his treatment.”

Suyash is in urgent need of help and requires your assistance to help him hear again. If you would like to help him, here’s how you can make a donation.

Name:  Guruprasad Suresh Bedekar

Account No: 173201000473

IFS Code: ICIC0001732