India’s first uterus transplant women all set for embryo transplant

The Vadodara and Solapur women who were the first one to undergo uterus transplant in India, will now undergo embryo transplant on Friday and Monday respectively. As per doctors, after ten weeks it will be clear if they are able to conceive or not


  • On May 18, India witnessed its first uterus transplant surgery on a 21-year-old woman from Solapur, which gave her a chance to have a biological child. The very next day, a 24-year-old Vadodara woman underwent the same procedure.
  • The woman from Solapur had a congenital absence of uterus while, the one from Vadodara had scarring (adhesion) of uterus (Asherman’s syndrome).

Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, Director of Galaxy Care Hospital Pune, said, “We have been observing the menstrual cycles of two ladies, since they underwent uterus transplant. Both get their menses regularly. We have now decided to transfer the embryos on Monday and Friday. After ten weeks it will be confirmed if they are able to conceive or not.”

Recently, the government authority had given the permission to carry out the third uterus transplant to the hospital. Accordingly, the third uterus transplant will be carried out soon.

The third woman who has got the permission belongs to Karnataka. And her mother has agreed to donate her uterus. “It’s been five years that this woman is married and she doesn’t have uterus since birth. Her mother was not getting her menses, since last two years. But, with medicine which we have been giving since the last six months, she has started menstruating. We have already retrieved the woman’s egg and she will undergo transplant soon.