India’s first test tube baby speaks about the importance of IVF

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Dr Subhash Mukherjee became the first physician in India and the second in the world to create a test tube baby. It was sad that his contribution was not recognised until long after his death.

When asked about how she took it when her parents told her that she is the IVF baby, she said, “You do not feel awkward about it when you grow up with it. Similarly, my parents had told me about this when i was child and i knew since i was very young and i never felt i am somebody different. My childhood was normal like any other child. I went to La Martiniere’s School, and attended a girls’ college. No one made me feel differently. There was nothing out of ordinary for me. No one kept me cocooned up.”

“My parents went completely retreated into a shell, they stopped entertaining media. Media had misrepresented Dr Mukharjee. But, i had normal life as everyone around me did not treat me differently,” she added.

Agarwal felt that the contributions of Dr Mukharjee were muted and rather than calling him a forgotten hero of IVF, she feels that he is unrecognised and betrayed by the medical fraternity. Many doctors performed IVF using his method after his success, but no one contributed credit to him, she stated

She added, “I would like to look at the circumstances of my birth. IVF opened up a new door to women who wanted child. It is little less painful and easier for women. I admire my parents that they took a decision at the time to go through this process which was invasive. They showed this ability of having faith in ability of people, rather than unnecessarily challenging it, when there was no such thing as Google.”

Many people ask her that who took the decision of going ahead with it, even when nobody knew much about it. She concluded, “It was always a decision of my mother and father both to conceive me via IVF.”