India needs to expand the scope of EUS research, says Dr Jong H. Moon

A lot of diagnostic and therapeutical research work is responsible factor for the advancements in the EUS (Endoscopic Ultra Sound) technique. Dr Moon from South Korea explained to My Medical Mantra where India stands in the field of EUS research and what more should be done to expand it



EUS guided drainage for pancreatic fluid collection should be the first management, says Dr Moon

One of the goals of the 2nd Asian EUS Congress aims is to spread awareness about the research and education in Endoscopic Ultra Sound (EUS). Dr Jong H. Moon Director, Digestive Disease Centre at Soon Chun Hyang University of Medicine, in Seoul, South Korea spoke with My Medical Mantra.

He compared the penetration of EUS procedure in medical practices in India and South Korea. He also commented on the research work being done in India.

In an exclusive interview with My Medical Mantra, Dr Jong H. Moon shared his expertise and spoke about the experiences he has had using the EUS technique.

EUS guided drainage for pancreatic fluid collection should be the first management, says Dr Moon
Dr Jong H. Moon, Director Digestive Disease Centre, Soon Chin Hyang University School of Medicine Seoul Korea

Q – How would you compare the rate of EUS technique adoption in medical practices in India and South Korea?

Dr Jong H. Moon: South Korea has easily adopted the EUS procedure and the devices. India is a vast country. The levels are very different here. The comparison varies from doctors to doctors and institutes to institutes.

In South Korea, almost all the University Hospitals’ GI (Gastrointestinal) department are following the EUS technique. EUS for Diagnosis is homogeneously spread in South Korea, now the EUS for intervention is gaining popularity.

Q – Where does India stands in terms of using EUS technique?

Dr Jong H. Moon: India has been very late in initiating the use of the EUS technique. Now it is slowly becoming known to Indian medical practitioners and patients.

There are experts in India like Dr Vinay Dhir. To make it more affordable for the Indian populace, there should be more education in regarding the EUS procedure. Now it is getting better.

Q – Which country in Asia is leading in terms of research in EUS?

Dr Jong H. Moon: In my opinion, Japan is leading when it comes to this field. Japan is home to many big endoscopic companies. After Japan, there is a lot of research being done in South Korea.

Now, Thailand has also started its own research work. Also, a lot of research is being done in Singapore, as well.

India also doing research in EUS, but it is still limited. It needs to be expanded.