India: 62% women use cloth for menstrual protection

As per the national family health survey (NFHS) IV whose findings were released recently, As many as 62% young women in the country in the age group 15 to 24 years still use cloth during menstruation. While in Maharashtra, 50% women use safe methods. The survey included women from the age group of 15 to 24



  • 62% young women in the country in the age group 15 to 24 years use cloth for menstrual protection.
  • 42% women use sanitary napkins.
  • 16% use locally prepared napkins.
  • The survey was conducted in the year 2015-2016.

As per the findings of the survey, Majority of women in rural areas did not use a hygienic method of menstrual protection with the survey findings indicating that only 48% of those surveyed in rural India used sanitary napkins during their menstrual cycle as against 78% in urban parts of the country.

Pravin Nikam, founder of Roshani, an NGO that works to promote menstrual hygiene said, “Due to the shortage of sanitary pads, most of the women have no option other using the cloth. As a solution to this, the government with the government should make available the menstruation related products with the help of hospitals and medical colleges. Along with this, awareness should be created in the school-college and on the government-social platform. If this happens then the situation will change.”

Chitra Wagh, NCP leader said, “Many women use cloth as they cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins. The percentage is more in the rural areas. Owing to which, we are demanding tax-free sanitary pads. If the sanitary pads are available in the affordable rate, then, women won’t opt for cloth.”

Dr Bharati Lavekar, BJP MLA said, “This is a serious situation which needs to be tackled. We create awareness through our ‘TEE Foundation’. Owing to which, this girls will understand the importance of cleanliness from the young age.