‘Increase stipend or face mass strike,’ medical interns to Maha govt

The medical and dental interns state that the unwillingness of the Maharashtra government to look into this matter has compelled them protest. The protesters said that if their demands are not met within a week’s time, they will be going on a pan-Maharashtra indefinite strike of interns

‘Increase stipend or face mass strike,’ medical interns to Maha govt

Today, members of Association of State Medical Interns, Maharashtra, protested on the behalf of around 3,000 medical and dental graduates for a hike in their current internship stipend.

Around 350 odd medical interns protested with placards held in their hands at Sir JJ Hospital. Their demand is that the state government must increase the stipend allotted to them. At the moment, the medical interns are given a meagre sum of Rs 6,000 per month.


The interns have stated that, the problem is not the unwillingness of the doctors to handle work pressure, but the disproportionate pay scale with respect to the amount of work done by them.

In 2015, the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER), Maharashtra had approved an increased stipend of Rs11,000 per month. But despite regular follow up and applications, this hike was never implemented.


The medical interns want to bring these points to the state government’s notice:

  • The same government which can manage to hike the tuition fee every year in the name of inflation cannot do the same for stipend.
  • As per our constitution and minimum wage policy, a skilled professional must get a salary of Rs 24,000 month including the inflation rate.
  • So we are present as requesting the Maharashtra government to increase our stipend to Rs 20,000 from the current Rs 6,000 month.