Income volatility, unstable career taking a toll on youths

Instability in career and income affects the health of youngsters. Experts witness rising cases of heart-related and psychiatry related issues in the population facing income volatility

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

As all the sectors have become competitive, the pressure to be a better performer is also increasing. Till date, people were having office related issues, but these days, doctors are also witnessing cases where income volatility is affecting the health of the individuals.

Dr Dnyaneshwar Gaware, a cardiologist from Pune, said, “Loss of job or a huge wage cut gives traumatic shocks to people. It adds to the stress level, leading to the development of cardiovascular ailments. We do get many young people these days where the cause of the heart ailment was income volatility of loss of the job.”
In the recent study published in the journal Circulation, it was observed that income volatility had an association with heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and even early death. Income volatility and drops during a formative 15-year in a stretch in early career are associated with nearly two-fold risk of cardiovascular disease, and death.
Dr Kaustubh Joag, a psychiatrist, added, “Many patients come for counselling as they are facing depression related issues because of unstable income. These days, when individuals are witnessing a dramatic drop in take-home packages, their mental well-being also gets affected.”
Experts suggest that such population should be screened for cardiovascular-related ailments, and employers should arrange counselling facilities for such group.