Incident at Kurla station forces BMC to start inspection of roadside juice vendors

After the Central Railway decided to crackdown upon juice sellers at its stations. The BMC has gone a step further and has decided to inspect juice sellers across the city


After the video of a lime juice vendor surfaced using unclean water to prepare lime juice, no step has been left unturned by the authorities to maintaining the safety of public health.

While the Central Railways brought forth a ban, disallowing juice sellers from selling nimbu pani and khala khatta juice at railway stations. Now the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has stepped up its vigilance to ensure that such incidents are prevented. They will now conduct inspections across the 24 wards of Mumbai.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, BMC, said, “After the video surfaced of a lime juice vendor using dirty water at Kurla station, the BMC has started inspections of all roadside juice sellers across the city. Roadside juice sellers use water which is available in local areas. This water may or may not be hygienic, unclean water can have E. coli bacteria present in it. This can cause gastroenteritis or dehydration upon drinking such juices.”

She added, “The municipal corporation will start inspections at BMC fruit juice centres, sugarcane juice vendors, ice gola sellers, and, lime juice sellers. They will be thoroughly inspected and if found in violation of food safety rules then appropriate action will be taken against them.”

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