In a rare case, docs remove 550 gallstones from 78-yr-old’s gallbladder

Doctors at Niramaya Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai successfully managed to extract the gallstones from the 78-year-old woman’s bladder. The woman was plagued with unbearable stomach pain for years and has now finally gotten relief after the surgery


Certain medical cases seem impossible or difficult to cure. However, doctors turn it around, giving renewed life to patients and hope to relatives ones waiting impatiently for good news.

You may have heard of instances, wherein doctors extract around 10 to 50 gallstones from a person’s bladder. But have you come across a story where a person had 550 gallstones in their bladder?

That’s exactly what Rashmi Sharma (name changed), was suffering from. Although, she had no idea that she had gallstones, until the doctors at the hospital found out about it.

The extracted gallstones

For many years, she was seeking treatment from a local doctor but no avail. Upon seeing that her situation hadn’t improved after months and months of treatment her family finally decided to admit her to Niramaya Hospital in Kharghar.

On being admitted to the hospital, the doctor’s ran a few diagnostic tests upon her. The test results revealed that there were around 550 inside her gallbladder. The doctors stated that performing an operation upon her gallbladder is the only solution to extract the gallstones.

After the family consented for the surgery, the doctors began the procedure. The surgery took around 3-hours to remove the infected part of the gallbladder.

Dr Amit Thadani, a renowned laparoscopic surgeon from Nirmaya Hospital, has removed successfully gallbladder which is having 550 gall stones due to bacterial infections.

Speaking about the surgery, Dr Amit Thadani, “This was a testing case. This was a technically challenging operation as the patient came with acute pain, puss in the gallbladder and multiple stones. The gallbladder is a small organ about 4 or 5 centimeters broad. Normally patients have 1 or 10 stones while in rare cases about 100 gallstones which can be small in size.”

He added, “This patient had approximately 550 stones in the gallbladder which is a massive number For such a small organ to get so badly diseased and accumulate so many stones is really surprising. The entire procedure took around 3 hours as it was a challenging one. The patient is doing fine and has been recently discharged.”

Dr Thadani further stated, “Gallbladder stones are rare and usually seen among 1 out of 5 patients in the general populace. This is a condition which mostly occurs in females. It is caused due to excessive cholesterol, an excess among of bile can also be another factor. Certain lifestyle changes also are to be blamed. One must follow and maintain a good and balanced diet to prevent this in the long-run.”

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