Immediate treatment was provided to 35 patients, in 72 hours, through ‘Bike Ambulance’

The ‘Bike Ambulance’ has been proving like a boon to Mumbaikars. It provided an immediate first aid to 35 patients within 72 hours of its launch

Immediate treatment was provided to 35 patients, in 72 hours, through 'Bike Ambulance'

The ‘Bike Ambalnce’ service is turning to be a successful launch.  Immediately after it hit the roads, 35 patients were given medical treatment within 72 hours. ‘Bike Ambulance’ service very useful especially in the city’s densely populated area and at the railway stations, from where the most numbers of calls have been registered. The highest number of calls from Mumbai’s densely populated area, railway station.

After its launch on 2nd August, two patients were provided emergency services through bike ambulance on the same day. Then, on the next day, 12 and today 21 patients were given first aid. So in total, till now 35 patients have been given first aid.

In many cases, the lives of the patients were saved, as the patients were shifted to the nearest hospital for the further treatment at the right time. On Thursday, 12 patients based in different areas benefitted from the treatment.

A 25-year-old man, who met with an accident in the Thakur Village and a patient in the Dharavi police station area immediately, received first aid. A person in Bhandup area fainted after which a call was made on the number 1o8. Doctors came on the bike and treated him. Patienst information has been received from 108 numbers. The call has been made from Borivali, Bandra Railway Station Station Master and Mumbai Airport.

Patients have been treated in Sion Kurla Bridge, Chita Camp, Malad, Santacruz, Goregaon Chitranagari, Kalina Campus, Bhandup, Nagapada, Kurar, Charkop, Jogeshwari etc.  Health Minister Dr Deepak Sawant informed that those patients life has been saved who faced sudden health problems.

These bike ambulances have been located 10 different places in Mumbai. And the service is provided by calling on the number 108.