IMA to set-up national level task force to deal with obesity crisis

In its meeting which was held on Friday, June 15 has decided to form a task force which will aim at curbing obesity in the country. The task force will be formed under the leadership of Dr Shashank Shah, a senior bariatric surgeon from Pune

IMA to set-up national level task force to deal with obesity crisis
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As obesity in India is on the rise, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has announced to form a national level task force with an objective to curb obesity in India.

A recently conducted study concludes that obesity in adults as well as children is becoming acute, which also highlighted obesity is more common among women than men.

The study states that 12 per cent of adults and 5 per cent of children are classified as obese which essentially means that their Body Mass Index (BMI) is above ‘healthy’ level.

BMI is the ratio between a person’s weight and height; anybody above 30 units in BMI is obese.

The research was done globally by analysing 68.5 million people from 1980-2015 to decipher trends in relation with obesity rates.

India and China, being the most populated countries in the world, also have a huge chunk of obese children – 14.4 million and 15.3 million respectively.

“As cases of obesity are increasing, it is important to curb it. We will also take the help of the government to deal with this issue. The task force will aim to implement a strategy on a national level,” said Shah.