IMA to observe nationwide strike on June 17

Junior doctors in West Bengal are on strike demanding adequate security in hospitals after violence against medicos in Kolkata. Indian Medical Association has declared a nationwide strike on Monday, and junior doctors from many cities have also joined the protest


Striking junior doctors of Kolkata’s government hospitals today defied Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s 2 pm deadline to get back to work, saying that won’t happen until they get better security.

In a recent incident in West Bengal, Dr Paribha Mukherjee, a young doctor was brutally attacked by a violent mob at NRS Medical College, Kolkata on Monday, June 10. He is critical and fighting for his life.

Several doctors in West Bengal are on a continued strike since Tuesday after the incident. The Kolkata doctors protest has entered its fourth day. The West Bengal government has not budged at all.

In retaliation to this 7 senior doctors including the Principal and Superintendent of NRS Medical College have resigned.

As the atmosphere in the medical fraternity is charged across the country as a result of the Kolkata doctor attack.

In response to this incident, doctors from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka have taken to the streets to protest. This has affected medical services across the country.

Now the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has decided to launch a nationwide strike on Monday, June 17

The protest has been called against the background of the rising number of doctor’s assault cases in India.

Over three lakh private doctors in India will not provide medical services, but emergency services will be kept running

This one-day strike has been called on as a symbol of resistance and to show solidarity with the doctors in West Bengal.

Doctors allege that the government is not taking enough measures to tackle or prevent the issue of attack on doctors.

Dr Shivkumar Utture, a Member of the Indian Medical Association, said, “The Indian Medical Association has called a nationwide strike on Monday, June 17. Cases of the attack on the doctors are rising day by day. And the government is not taking any decisive action to curb it. The private OPD’s will remain shut, but the emergency services will continue. We need a strong law which can protect the doctors.”