IMA soon to release guidebook on vaccines for doctors

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is going to release a national guideline book on vaccination on November 17

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In order to make doctors aware about new vaccines that are coming up, a national level guideline book named as ‘Life Course Vaccine: Paediatric to geriatric’ will be released.

Dr Jayesh Lele, convenor of the vaccination committee and national secretary at the Hospital Board of India, IMA said, “There are many new vaccines that are coming up and many doctors are unaware about it. It is therefore necessary that we should come up with the booklet. Also, gynaecologist knows what vaccines are to be offered to woman but not to an adult and similarly paediatrician know about vaccinations meant only for children.”

He added that, “It is necessary to educate doctors on how vaccines act as prevention tool. Also, many doctors do not know many things about vaccination. Government do not have a comprehensive document on vaccination related to all the diseases.”