IMA releases mental health guide for medical students

The mental health of doctors is at a tipping point.  Since January, six medical students committed suicide. To reduce these cases, Indian Medical Association has prepared ‘Health and wellbeing guide for medical students’. The book will be helpful for the first-year students adjusting to the new environment

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Entering into the medical field is itself a mammoth task. A student sacrifices everything to get an admission. But, the real struggle begins when he jumps in the pool, without knowing what he/she would be facing.

For a young MBBS student, the environment is completely different. He interacts with a verse set of people. However, sometimes, academic pressure, environment, and relationship with friends, seniors take a toll on the student’s mind. It makes him/her volatile, and he/she may slip into depression.

To help these young would-be doctors; the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has prepared an e-book with White Swan Foundation — ‘A guide to wellbeing for medical students’. This e-book covers the common struggles of a medical student and offers coping strategies. The book was recently released by the Indian Medical Association.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Treasurer, World Medical Association, said, “The book is a comprehensive guide on how to get through medical college while being mentally healthy. I am sure this book, with help, changes the mental status of the MBBS students.”

“Students come from different backgrounds and cultures. It takes them a lot of time to adjust to the new environment. Studies and work pressure, staying away from families, no communication with someone they could trust, are the factors, owing to which, a student plunges into depression and takes a final decision to commit suicide,” added Dr Wankhedkar.

With an aim to reduce the suicidal tendencies among young doctors, the IMA has launched a program called ‘Doctors for Doctors’. The nationwide survey carried out by IMA, brought out the startling fact, the mental health of doctors and medical students are at a tipping point.

“This e-book is especially helpful for the first-year students adjusting to a new environment. Expert doctors, hospital administration, senior professors will also get benefited from this book. How to identify the stress and behavioural changes among students and young doctors? Is what we have stressed through this book,” added Dr Ravi.

Dr Anil Pachnekar, Vice President, IMA, said, “Depression is on the rise among young doctors and medical students. The book will guide expert doctors, professors to handle mental stress among students in a better way.”