IMA redefines medical ethics

With the time, medical ethics are changing. Indian Medical Association (IMA) in its recently held conference in Kerala underlined the need to change and redefine medical ethics in the country

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

When the invasion of technology and advances in modern medicine has led to sea changes in the way patients are treated today, the guidelines regarding medical ethics have never been changed. It is for this very reason that IMA has come up with a document mentioning all the medical ethics that need to be adopted.

These new interpretations of medical ethics will be sent to Medical Council of India, health ministry and to thousands of doctors across the country. IMA has also appealed that government should include medical ethics in the medical education curriculum

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, President of IMA, said, “The topics such as role of law and ethics in doctor-patient relationship – under a rights based regime, technological advances, emerging ethical dilemmas,  ethics in clinical practice and women, medical ethics in tribal and rural healthcare, ethical issues in end of life decisions etc. were discussed at the conference.”

“Medical ethics should be part of entire curriculum of medical students. Doctors now have to deal with newer interpretation of medical ethics and it is therefore important to redefine them,” Wankhedkar added.

Dr Avinash Bhondave, President Elect IMA, Maharashtra, said, “Medical profession is changing and then the definitions which defined ethical practices in it, are changing. There are many areas on which we do not have any guideline and things are vague. These redefined medical ethics are problems which we are facing now. We want government to redefine them and make things clear on many issues.”