IMA questions efficacy of generic drugs

The IMA had stated generic drugs have been given the biggest thrust by us. We have always maintained the policy of ‘One company one drug one price’ which has been neglected by the central government

IMA questions efficacy of generic drugs
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Miffed by PM Narendra Modi’s remark on Indian doctors in London, doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had protested by wearing black ribbons at their workplace on Thursday.

It is with deep regret that we put on record our condemnation in the strongest possible words to the recent comments made by our honourable Prime Minister in London against doctors of India.

The IMA had earlier stated the nature of comments made and the language used therein are not befitting the tallest leader of the largest democracy in the world. Indian doctors are known and respected for the proficiency not only in India but across the world where countries like the U.K. and USA have acknowledged it time and again.

Maligning the medical fraternity in a foreign land in a language which is derogatory to the core is not expected from the Prime Minister. We hope that these statements are not made as a backlash to the opposition of the pro rich NMC Bill 2017 by the IMA.

The medical infrastructure of this country continues to be in the doldrums, with the present government decreasing its spending spends on healthcare.

The derogatory remarks made by the Prime Minister not only dents the image of the honest doctor, but also provides a fertile ground for constant friction in the doctor-patient relationship .

Today at a press conference held in Mumbai, Dr Parthiv Sanghavi, IMA, Maharashtra said, “Recently, I had to recall six batches of medicines in the last three months for failing quality control tests.”

He added, “Moreover, the Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI), the government’s implementing agency for Janaushadhi scheme, currently does not have anyone heading its quality control. Nobody is there to see whether these drugs are going through a thorough test of quality control when they are manufactured, packaged and supplied.”

He further said, “Three of BPPI’s CEOs have resigned in the past three months, and currently, it is being run by an interim chief. Despite all these issues, we have been promoting the idea of affordable generic medicines since the last four years. In fact, we have a Jan Aushadhi store at our Delhi headquarters, which in reality is a loss-making venture, but we are still accused of running a nexus.”