IMA Pune appeals to people to raise awareness on doctor’s attacks

IMA Pune has appealed housing societies and all non-medico professionals to support the protest in Pune. Institutions like the College of Engineering Pune (COEP), BITS-Pilani student Union from the city have showed support to the protest


In a recent incident in West Bengal, Dr Paribha Mukherjee, a young doctor was brutally attacked by a violent mob at NRS Medical College, Kolkata.

As part of protest doctors in the country have launched a protest. Dharna/protest meetings is organised by the state units of IMA, a majority of government hospitals across India and by many private practitioners in the country.

The branch of Pune IMA has asked people who are not related to the medical to come ahead and support them in their fight to gain justice.

Dr Sanjay Patil President of IMA Pune said, “We have appealed to all non-medical professionals and housing society to support our protest. Any organisation that wants to support us can contact us and can contribute in spreading mass awareness. When more non-medicos will support us, it will help in creating awareness on violence on doctors.”

IMA has arranged a nationwide protest on June 17. Many organisations like the College of Engineering Pune (COEP), BITS-Pilani student Union from the city have shown support to the protest.

Samir Sathe, a student of COEP, said, “Many of my friends who were with me in school are pursuing medicine now. When we talk with them we realise how important it is to give service without fear. But the recent attacks are setting a disturbing trend. It is therefore that we have decided to support the protest. Through social media platforms and by generating awareness among college students, we have decided to support the national level protest.”