IMA launches online survey to assess stress levels and suicide risk among doctors

An online survey to assess the stress levels and suicide risks among medical students and doctors was launched today. This will hopefully give IMA a clearer picture about the extent of the issues, the unmet needs of the medical community in India and pointers for the most popular interventions requested by medicos

IMA launches online survey to assess stress levels and suicide risk among doctors
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Stress among doctors and students in the medical fraternity have become a growing problem. In a recent survey carried out to understand the problems being faced by doctors, such as increased work pressure and stress related to it. The survey brought forth some interesting findings and highlighted the burdens being faced by doctors.

In the survey, 40 % of the doctors were female and 60% were male. In the age group of 40 and above, the doctors using sleeping pills is below than that of the age range which consumes pills occasionally.

Also doctors aged between 30 to 40 felt more burden and depressed in term of work. More than 100 responses were received from different specialist from Mumbai.

And in unrelated shocking incidents, two doctors committed suicide in Maharashtra within a span of four days in the month of June.

To address the issue of stress among doctors and raise awareness on mental health, the Indian Medical Association Headquarters and IMA-Karnataka State Branch hosted a Unique Event for Doctors and Medical Students at IMA House Bangalore on Sunday, July 08.

The IMA President, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar has started multiple new IMA initiatives to help medical students and doctors and especially the lady students and women doctors in India. The newly formed IMA committee for emotional well-being has the mandate to address the serious issue of increasing mental health challenges and suicides among the medical fraternity and students.

Dr Ajit Bhide, President of the Indian Psychiatric Society outlined the multi-pronged holistic approach that IMA will take to provide timely professional support and tools for Positive Mental Health to the doctors.

Dr Nilima Kadambi, Chairperson of the IMA Committee, announced their intention to have multiple such workshops and mini Events across India in the next 12 to 18 months. These will take place at various IMA branches and Medical Colleges in different cities.