IMA doctors show their solidarity, wear black ribbons

The doctors from Indian Medical Association are protesting against PM Narendra Modi's remark on Thursday by wearing black ribbons. The IMA has asked its doctors to wear black strips at their workplaces to show their unity.

Miffed by PM Narendra Modi’s remark on Indian doctors in London, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the largest body of the allopathy doctors, has decided to protest against PM Modi’s remarks.IMA doctors from all over the country will wear black ribbons at their workplace to register their protest on Thursday.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Parthiv Singhvi, Secretary, Maharashtra IMA, said, “Doctors from all over Maharashtra, and India will register their protest against PM Modi’s remarks in London on April 26. We will wear black bands on our hands at our workplaces. We are anguished with PM’s remark on the doctors’ fraternity.”

Dr Swapnil Mankar, IMA, Yavatmal
Dr Swapnil Mankar, IMA, Yavatmal

A few days ago, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, President of the Indian Medical Association had written a letter to PM Modi, showing their displeasure on his remarks on the Indian doctors.

In a letter written to PM, IMA had stated that:

  • The Indian Medical Association has declared its support for use of generic drugs. The only hitch is the issue of quality. The current level of quality testing by the government is less than 1% of the total drugs manufactured. In such a state of affairs, how can the doctors betray the confidence of a patient and support the populist posturing of the government
  • IMA has supported and espoused the Jan Oushadhi Scheme of 2008. IMA itself has an outlet for Jan Oushadhi drugs. We assure you, Mr Prime Minister, the day you are able to assure the quality of all drugs manufactured in India, you will not find the doctors of this country wanting.
  • India has a robust price control policy for drugs. This being said, so why does the government allow huge profit margins in the pharmaceutical industry?