‘I’m asthmatic.  I mean, what’s to hide?,’ says Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra revealed through an ad campaign recently that she's asthmatic. The actress took to Twitter where she spoke about how asthma did not stop her from achieving the highs in her career

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Priyanka recently confessed that she has been asthmatic since five and that she has never hidden the fact.

Priyanka Chopra took to Twitter to join hands with a recent initiative for asthma patients, Breathe Free which aims at showcasing the importance of inhalers over tablets for asthma patients.

The ad for the Breathe Free campaign was shared on social media by the actress herself and in the same post, she spoke about how she was diagnosed with asthma at the age of five but her doctor-mother always knew the importance of inhalers over tablets.

“Those who know me well know that I’m an asthmatic. I mean, what’s to hide? I knew that I had to control my asthma before it controlled me. As long as I’ve got my inhaler, asthma can’t stop me from achieving my goals and living a ‘Berok Zindagi’,” she tweeted.

There is no cure for asthma, but a person can keep symptoms under control. Taking medications and learning to identify and avoid triggers are the most effective ways to prevent asthma attacks.

Attacks are potentially life-threatening. A rescue inhaler is often enough to treat an attack but seek emergency medical attention if symptoms do not go away.

Even if no emergency care was necessary, anyone who has experienced an asthma attack is advised to see a doctor.