IIT student designs auto-suturing device, walking aid for elderly

The Auto-Suturing device, designed by Pritesh Chavan, would help doctors in emergency situations to suture wounds. This device would also aid in experienced doctors to perform suturing of wounds perfectly which in turn would save precious time as well. Chavan also designed a walking aid for the elderly that would help them in their daily life

HL: IIT student designs Auto-Suturing Device, Walking Aid for Elderly

At times, doctors have to handle a large number of injured patients during emergency situations such as accidents, natural disasters or war situations. Sometimes, they have to opt to perform suturing in such situations. In order to help in such situations, where time plays a very crucial role, a postgraduate student of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has stepped up to facilitate this process. Pritesh Chavan, a student of masters in Industrial Design has designed Auto-Suturing Device which would help doctors in such situations. The procedure to file a patent for the device has been started.

HL: IIT student designs Auto-Suturing Device, Walking Aid for Elderly
Pritesh Chavan

In medical parlance, suturing is joining of tissues with needle and thread, so that tissues bind together and heal. But it is difficult for paramedics to achieve what is called as ideal suturing with current methods. It puts up a lot of cognitive load on them while performing the operation. This device will facilitate the process and would provide better ergonomics, ease in operation, and visual clarity while operating and suturing.

“In emergency situations such as war or natural disasters, a medical team has to be dispatched immediately. The team may not have expert surgeons and the relatively inexperienced doctors have to take charge in such situations. This device will help them to suture perfectly,” said Chavan. This device would be cost-effective as well. Once in market, it will cost no more than Rs 100.

Chavan has also designed a walking aid for the elderly. Today, they are part of everyday life of many elderly people. “Use of regular walkers may cause side effects such as back pain and muscle pain. They have to lean on the walker to use it and they are adversely affected. I have visited many old-age homes to study their problems and then designed this walker,” added Chavan.

HL: IIT student designs Auto-Suturing Device, Walking Aid for Elderly

The project aims to provide a modern walking frame with better functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics and safety to support the elderly people and to maintain their active lifestyle. It’s meant to motivate and encourage senior citizens to do their day to day activities independently along with walker and to improve their outdoor experiences with families and communities.