IIT Bombay: Experiment gone awry, 3 staffers sustain burn injuries

An experiment gone wrong has disastrous consequences for three people at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay when a hydrogen balloon burst in their face causing minor burn injuries

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  • The accident occurred at aerospace department’s foyer.
  • A person from the mechanical department and two interns suffered injuries.
  • There were rushed to the National Burns Centre at Airoli.
  • At 12.30pm today, a minor incident occurred outside the foyer of the aerospace department at IIT Bombay.

Tushar Jadhav, a former dual degree student of Aerospace Engineering (passed out in 2012), and two interns Prashant Singh and Rajat Kumar were filling hydrogen in balloons as part of an experiment.

The balloon burst and the three suffered minor (12%) injuries. They were administered first-aid at IIT Hospital and later sent to National Burns Centre at Airoli for further treatment. All three are fine and are kept under observation but will be discharged soon.

The interns are not students of IIT Bombay. Tushar Jadhav, after graduating from IIT Bombay, he had started a firm Manastu Space, incubated at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) at IIT Bombay. He had hired the two interns Singh and Kumar for his project.

Tushar Jadhav has been a part-time staffer at IIT Bombay’s mechanical department.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Phalguni Baneerjee, Public Relations Officer (PRO) at IIT-Bombay, said, “One part-time staffer Tushar Jadhav from mechanical department and two interns , who weren’t  IIT Bombay students, were part of a project. They were inflating balloons with hydrogen at a lab in aerospace department but the balloon burst. They were rushed to IIT hospital and were administered first aid. Now they have been sent to National Burns Centre at Airoli for further check-up.”

She added, “All 3 persons are stable. Only minor skin burns. They will be discharged soon.”