‘If women are working on par with men in all fields, then, why not in the Fire Brigade?’

Woman firefighters have to deal with dangerous situations and life-threatening emergencies on a daily basis. They embraced this profession and have taken on the duty to save precious life

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The profession of fire-fighting was once an all-male bastion job in Mumbai. But, in the 21st century, there are a number of women who have broken through this glass ceiling and have carved out their own identity in this space.

These women are bravehearts who have the guts and determination to go through any danger, so that people on the other end of an emergency can be saved.

As the late former president Nelson Mandela, said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Today, My Medial Mantra brings to you, a story of a determined female firefighter. She is one of the prominent faces of Mumbai’s Elite Fire Brigade.

Meet, Sunita Patil. Sunita is a firefighter stationed at Mumbai’s Byculla fire station, as an Assistant Fire Station Officer.

Sunita, who has been in the Mumbai Fire Brigade, since 2012, had faced the toughest situation of her life, on the fateful morning of August 22.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Sunita Patil says, “On the August 22, we received a call, about a massive fire in Crystal Tower building in the locality of Parel. We immediately rushed to the spot. The blaze was terrible. Without wasting any time, we placed the ladder and began evacuating people. We finally managed to reach the 17th floor of the building, where a few people were trapped.  We managed to rescue 13 people from there.”

She further said, “I still remember my first assignment as a fire fighter. I was sent to Mantralaya, for the fire fighting operations. Just like a doctor, when you are operating upon a patient for the first time, you feel heaviness inside the stomach. The same happened to me that day. I still remember each and every bit of it. I had doubts in my mind. Can I do it? But with the help of my seniors, we managed to douse the fire.”

Sunita is not just a firewoman, but she is a mother too. The job of a fireman is full of uncertainties. But, Sunita Patil is ready to take on all the challenges head-on.

Sunita says, “When I had seen an advertisement about a job in the fire brigade. I had applied to it, thinking it would be a desk job. But, later I found out that the nature of the job also includes actual fire fighting, as well.”

Sunita accepted the challenge, and her journey to be Mumbai’s braveheart firefighter began.

Sunita Patil asserts, “The Mumbai Fire Brigade is there to serve and save lives of the people. My family too supported me a lot. The carrier was altogether different for me and my family. But, this field teaches you a lot.”

“People are scared to send their daughters in this field. As fire fighting is not an easy job. It’s literally like playing with fire. But, we have been taught, how to save yourself first and the then save others. Because if you are safe, then you can save others. My humble appeal to all the parents is please send your daughters into this field. Women are working at par with men in all the fields, then why not in Fire Brigade? We should stand by our daughters and encourage them to choose the profession that they want to pursue.”