‘Stampede could have been avoided, if people had not panicked’

On Friday, At least 23 people were killed and 38 were injured in a stampede at foot- over bridge linking Elphinstone Road and Parel suburban railway stations. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rupesh Ahir, a survivor of this horrific incident, recounts it

"If I don't stay with her now, who will?”

Unlike every day, 26-year-old Rupesh Aahir, a Shahad resident, left fo Parel (his workplace). But on Friday,  Rupesh’s journey  was not  ‘happy’ as he was one of those who were caught in the unfortunate stampede.

Recounting the mishap, Rupesh said that it was pouring and people had gathered on the bridge to take a shelter, after which the stampede occurred.  “It was raining and many people did not carry umbrella and were stranded at the bridge. Though, people were aware about the rush, they couldn’t leave as it was raining heavily. In the meanwhile, the train came and people started pushing each other, while, many people felt suffocated.”

In this tragic incident, Rupesh and his friends were stranded on the stair. Rupesh suffered a leg injury while his friends came out safely. “We 3 friends were together and we were stranded on the steps and we appealed others to take it easy and wait on the pool itself. People dismissed our appeal and continued rushing in order to reach on time at work. Suddenly, a woman fell down and to save her, many came forward and fell on each other, leading to the stampede. My friends were safe, but since I suffered leg injury, my friends admitted me to the hospital,” said Rupesh.