‘I wish I had dropped her to station yesterday’

Says husband of a 28-year-old Shraddha Nagaonkar, who was shocked by the dreadful incident but she is recuperating well after the injury. However, for a lot of people, the injuries have left an indelible impression. Those injured in the mishap yesterday, have been given a financial aid of Rs 50,000 in cash by the rail authorities, claim families


The gruesome Friday stampede not only snatched away the loved ones of their families but also left dozens of people injured. But for those who are injured, the scars are not only on the body but also on their mind. And amongst one of them is Shraddha Nagaonkar.

Shraddha Nagaonkar
Shraddha Nagaonkar

If you happened to visit ward number 8 at the KEM Hospital today, you will notice a silent couple in one corner of the ward. Vinay Nagaonkar generally drops his wife, Shraddha Nagaonkar (28) to Parel station on his two-wheeler.

On Friday, however, Vinay was a little busy and asked her to take the train. Unfortunately, as she was alighting the stairs at the Elphinstone-Parel Bridge, the tragedy took place. She injured her right hand. Though, she is recovering but currently she is in a state of shock.

“At around 11:00 am, she called me asking me to come to the station. She suffered injury on her right hand but majorly, it was the shock that is acting as a villain at the moment. We have not been told about discharge as yet but she is much better than yesterday. I only wish I had dropped her to station yesterday,” said Vinay.

Nagaonkar’s stay at Worli while Shraddha works at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Termins. “I am only glad that nothing severe happened to her. I hope she is fine soon. On Friday night, the railway authorities have given us Rs 50,000 in cash.”

In yet another survivor recount, Aparna Sawant, a Kalachowki resident, is doing well now. “Aparna was climbing the bridge from Parel side to go to the Elphinstone side. She works at Elphinstone road. Yesterday, she hurt herself on the chest as people fell on her. Luckily, nothing severe happened. Doctors have said that she will be discharged in about five days.We stay at Kalachowki. We also have received Rs 50,000 from the rail authorities,” said Sachin Sawant, Aparna’s husband.