‘I have got my son back in the form of his twins’

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Furthermore, nothing can be more painful for a mother than mourning her child’s death. Though, the news of her son’s demise came to her as a shocker. This courageous mother pulled herself together and did something unusual after her son lost his battle against cancer


We all have heard that after the husband’s death, wife cryopreserves semen and with the help of surrogacy, she fulfils her dream of becoming mother. But, in a rare scenario in Pune, Rajashree Patil, 49-year-old mother of late Prathamesh Patil cryopreserved his semen. And with the help of surrogacy she is now a proud grandmother of twins (a baby boy and girl).

Prathamesh was the apple of her eye. Though, Rajashree’s son has gone forever.  Now, she has his newborn twins to look up to. Hopefully, the kids will help Rajashree to deal with the loss of her son and minimise her agony.


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rajashree Patil, said, “My son Prathamesh went to Germany for pursuing his master’s degree, when he was diagnosed with brain tumour. This news shattered me and our family. Meanwhile, health experts in Germany suggested Prathamesh to start chemotherapy and radiation. They also asked him to preserve his semen to avoid any negative circumstances, post treatment. In the midst of convulsions he had also lost his sight forever. After reaching Germany, my first effort was to bring him back to India knowing his condition which was stage four cancer, as informed by the medical officers there.

She added, “After completing all the procedures, I brought him back to India and took him to a hospital in Mumbai, where he was operated upon. Things began to improve. However, in between he got another convulsion and detected with recurring tumour. This time he succumbed to the malignant tumour.”

After her son’s death, Rajashree contacted Germany Semen Bank where Prathamesh had cryopreserved his semen. She completed the formalities and brought back the semen. Later, she approached Sahyadri Hospitals, Nagar Road, Pune,  for IVF procedure and today her dreams have come true.  The babies are fine and Rajashree will be taking care of both them. “I have got my son back in the form of twins,” said Rajashree.


Dr Supriya Puranik, Head of the Department IVF, Gynaec and Obstetrics, Sahyadri Hospital Nagar road said, “Being an IVF specialist, I am happy that developed science and new technologies are adding pleasure and cheerful moment in human’s life. In hospitals, we often see a lot of emotions and happiness whenever a woman delivers a baby and we become a part of their joyous moments.”

She further said, “But, in this case it was about a grief stricken mother whose son was away for studies when he faced health issues and succumbed to death. We appreciate the spirit she has shown in this entire process. We congratulate her for having her son back in the form of these twin healthy babies.”