I gave up hope after I lost vision for the second time’

A 25-year-old was suffering from dengue haemorrhagic fever - a critical condition of the mosquito-borne disease – had lost her eyesight around one and half year ago. After a year-long struggle, now, she can see from her one eye


Anita Chaudhari’s life was going smooth until she suffered from a rare condition of retinal detachment while suffering  from dengue. She was admitted at Ruby Hall Clinic, around one and half year ago. When she was admitted she was put on ventilator.

Dr Hemant Todkar, ophthalmologist at Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “She was in the ICU for around a month, so we could not perform the surgery immediately. Later, she underwent surgery for her right eye to fix her retinal detachment. But, she couldn’t see.” Meanwhile, the doctors were able to give vision for the other eye with medical line of management with the help of medicines.

After few months, she lost vision of her left eye. “It was rare presentation of macular hole of vitreous detachment with haemorrhage. This complication of dengue after the eye was recovered is rare. Then, we operated on her left eye. Recent follow up done in the last month showed that she is able to see with her left eye now,” said Todkar.

Chaudhari, said, “I was newly married when I suffered from dengue. My life would have been difficult had I not been able to gain vision. The one and half year was a difficult period in my life. I had lost all hopes when I lost vision for the second time. I followed all the instructions that were given to me by the doctor and I finally recovered.”

Todkar said, “Dengue haemorrhage with bilateral blindness with retinal detachment is rare. Also, she lost vision for her second eye after some duration. I am trying to find out such cases so that the cause behind retinal detachment after dengue can be studied.”

Dr Prakash Marathe, Ophthalmologist from Pune, said, “After dengue, haemorrhage can occur anywhere in the body. Not all cases of retinal detachment see a good recovery. It is good that the patient recovered after such a long fight, which is rare to see.”