‘I cheated death,’ says Ghatkopar building collapse survivor

A 40 year old building named Saisadan located near Shreyas theatre collapsed in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. But by god’s grace, 20 year-old Varsha Sakpal who worked in Sitam nursing home which was located in the building survived and narrated the whole incident

'I cheated death,' says Ghatkopar building collapse survivor

Construction workers were working, and suddenly the residents began shouting.  The building was shaking. And within no time, it collapsed.

You must have surely got goose bumps after hearing this, but Varsha has faced this unfortunate incident.

Varsha revealed that, “On Tuesday when the dreadful incident took place. The construction workers started off with their work as usual. The slab on the back side of the building collapsed. I was alone in the office as two girls who worked with me went to the nursing home, which was on the ground floor.  Suddenly the residents started shouting and I did not know what happened. When I came in the gallery of the office, the building was shaking. Initially, I thought it was my illusion. But, the building collapsed, in front of my eyes”.

Varsha further said that, “I saw a lady carrying baby and running to safe herself and the baby. We were thrown out as we were in the gallery.  I was half buried in the rabble. After which, I gathered all my strength and courage and removed the slab which fell on me.  I cried for help.  I was pulled out by the other ladies who resided nearby. And the woman who running in the gallery in front of me also got stuck with her baby, in the rubble. I could sense her hand touching mine. I tried to grab her hand to pull her out. But, her hand turned cold. Then, I got to know that both the mother and the child succumbed to death. And by the grace of god, I survived”.

According to the information given by Varsha, Nursing home’s renovation was going on for the last few months. While working, the workers hit hard on the walls. Therefore, we could feel the tremors often.  The residents often warned them to ‘work slowly’, but no one paid any heed to it. And in the end, this mishap occurred which destroyed many families.

“The  nursing home was supposed to be renovated fully. And one office of the nursing home was situated on the first floor of the building. The office is a one bedroom flat.  We were only three people in the office and had a lot of empty space. Therefore, this space was also considered for opening a new pathology lab”, said Varsha.

Varsha was working in Sitam nursing since past three months. In order to support her family, she pursued her studies and also started working as an accountant. Varsha will never forget this unfortunate day.