Husband stands beside wife to fight TB successfully

Lata Borkar (37) had been fighting with tuberculosis (TB) since last 8 years, credits her husband for standing beside with her journey to fight TB. She says that it was her husband’s rock solid support which kept her going. The prolonged medication and the sickness took its toll as it affected Lata's kidneys as well as she underwent lung removal surgery as it was affected by TB infection

Husband stands beside wife to fight TB successfully

In marriage, partners vow to be there for each other in sickness as well as health until death parts them. Thirty seven-year-old *Lata Borkar, who had been fighting with TB since last 8 years, credits her husband for standing beside with her journey to fight tuberculosis (TB).

Lata is a nurse by profession and was diagnosed with TB in 2008. During these years, she experienced many highs and lows in her health. Her nightmare ended when she underwent lung removal surgery three months ago. She has been recovering since and according to her, it was Nagesh’s (her husband) rock solid support which kept her going.

“It was the worse phase of my life. TB was affecting me mentally as well as physically. I had almost lost my will to live. I had to give up my job as it was affecting my family. I couldn’t even embrace my children. Negative thoughts used to occupy my mind, but my husband told me to be positive and gave me the strength to conquer it,” Lata said.

Lata’s TB remained undiagnosed for a long time. She was only losing weight. After consulting many doctors, she was diagnosed with TB and she was put on the medication. “Her infection used to bounce back after a period of recovery. It affected her health a lot. She had to take multiple medicines. Unfortunately, doctors at that time didn’t tell us to focus on her diet. Now, post-surgery, we are following the diet norms and her weight has increased from 39 kg to 45 kg,” Nagesh said.

The prolonged medication and the sickness had its own consequences. It affected Lata’s kidneys and she had to be hospitalised very often. “I told her that we would pass through this phase by believing in positivity. It was my duty to be with her. When she gave her consent to remove a part of the lung despite of immense risk, I supported her. I am very happy that she getting better now,” he said.

Lata shared her secret of maintaining the positivity, “I had experienced every pain. It was important to keep up the will power. So, my husband told me to write a diary every day. It has helped me a lot. I used to share my pain with my mother. She also gave moral support,” Lata said.

The couple has a 16-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. Due to her illness, Lata has missed most of their childhood. During this period, Nagesh acted as a caretaker. Now children are also happy that they can spend time with their mother. “I ask her to come to drop me to college and my coaching classes. My friends laugh at me, but I enjoy my mother being on my side,” said Sayali, Lata’s daughter.

*All the names in the story have been changed to protect their identities

  • Ashutosh Mahajan

    Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is resistant to our immune system in normal conditions. As soon as it enters our body, it is captured by lymphatic system of our body. It can live dormant for years in this lymphatic system. After blast activation, our immune system fails to kill it. Hence in such situation medication is more important than diet. Allopathic medicine is utilised in treatment to stop the spread of disease and not to cure it completely. Many peoples die only because of the dangerous side effects of these chemicals. Whereas herbal medicines show very promising results in the cases of drug resistant TB also, and that is without any side effects. Mother nature has provided us many plants like Papai, Owa, Sadafuli, etc which can alter our genes to fight dangerous diseases like TB and Cancer.