Backlog of medico-legal cases to welcome elected members of MMC

Post elections, newly elected doctors for Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) await state to nominate members to begin Council’s functioning

Members of Indian Medical Association celebrate their win in recently concluded Maharashtra Medical Council elections

Post elections, newly elected doctors for Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) are now awaiting state government to nominate members to begin Council’s functioning at earliest.

Dr Shivkumar Utture, an IMA candidate who won elections, said, “We request government to nominate members at earliest as without that Council cannot start functioning. We are expecting Council to start work from end of January 2017.”

He said new Council has to start work before workload of renewing registration of doctors increases.

“In March, registration work will start. Before that, Council needs to start functioning,” said Utture.

MMC elections for nine seats were held on December 18 and results were announced on December 24. Of the five panels of doctors which had nominated representatives for elections, all seats were won by candidates of Indian Medical Association (IMA).

MMC is a quasi-judicial body which governs quality of medical education and medical ethics in state. An autonomous body, it reserves rights to provide registration and cancellation of medical licences. MMC has 18 members, of which nine are elected by doctors, four are ex-officio members and five are appointed by state.

In August this year, state government dissolved previous MMC committee and so, new committee will be facing a mammoth task of tackling huge backlog of medico-legal cases. MMC presently has around 774 medico-legal cases, of which 17 were filed by patients in 2017.

“It is important for MMC to resume work as soon as possible so that we can clear the back log. It is unfair for both the patient and the doctor if we delay in the hearing of medico-legal cases,” said Dr Jayesh Lele, IMA member who also won the election.

MMC elections were held in state’s 36 districts at various medical colleges. Nine elected members for new Council includes Dr Sanjay Kadam, who won with highest victory margin with 9,314 votes, Dr Mangesh Gulwade, Dr Anil Laddhad, Dr Jayesh Lele, Dr Shivkumar Utture, Dr Ashok Tambe, Dr Archana Pate, Dr Dilip Sarga, and Dr Nisarahmed Shaikh.