How to strike a balance between junk and healthy food

Consuming junk food on a regular basis gives us too many calories, unhealthy fat and carbohydrates, which contributes to an increased risk of obesity, acidity, and many other chronic health conditions. Here, the nutritionists tell you how to balance junk and healthy food

How to strike a balance between junk and healthy food

According to nutritionists, it is important to find a balance between healthy with junk food. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya said, “If you consume junk food make sure that you compensate by eating healthy food,  the previous or the next day.”

Nutritionists emphasised on controlling the portions while consuming junk food. “In case, if you don’t have any choice other than consuming unhealthy food,  while at work, in a party or while travelling, then remember to balance it out with a healthy meal-plan,” said Manjari Chandra, Senior Consultant Nutritionist, Max Multi Speciality Centre, New Delhi.

Know how to balance up after eating junk food:

  • Make a routine diet for six days a week with disciplined indulgence on the weekends.
  • If you eat junk food in the morning, compensate by eating a healthy and a light meal in the afternoon. Similarly, if you eat junk in the evening, include healthy salads without mayo and cheese dressing and soups without cream for dinner.
  • If you consume junk food, the next day, try to avoid bread, cookies or packaged foods. Eat raw and fibrous foods. For breakfast, opt for smoothies/ green tea/ oats/ coconut water/ milk/ yoghurt.
  • Junk food is carb and fat loaded, so eat one meal without including any carbohydrates.
  • Consume lentils/ greens/ veggies/ beans/ lean meat/ cup of fruits/ dalia khichadi with raita.
  • Improve on your water and fluid intake which will flush toxins and excess fat out of body.