How to protect your eyes from heat this summer

With mercury levels rising, we present you with quick tips on how to prevent eye problems during summer to ensure your eyes remain healthy

How to protect your eyes from heat this summer
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Mumbai and Maharashtra are reeling under severe summer heat. The temperature has already touched the mark of 40 degrees in several districts of Maharashtra. The unbearable summer heat is brought a large variety of diseases along with it.

Dust and sand particles and cause irritation in the eyes. During the summer people are affected with different eyes ailments

Common eye problems among people in summer

  • Pain in eyes
  • Irritation of eyes
  • Redness of eyes, burning sensation in eyes
  • Irritation of eyes due to harsh heat

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ophthalmologist, Dr Kishor Yadav said, “During the summer, one has to take the special care of the eyes. During summer time people, at times develop cataract issues, and sometimes a black spot is developed on the retina. Even if we wear sunglass, our eyes don’t get enough protection. For this, people should use hats to cover their eyes.”

How to protect your eyes from the sun 

  • Sleep well at the night, so during the daytime your eyes will not dry.
  • Use eye drops to keep the eyes wet.
  • Before touching your eyes make sure that your hands are washed properly.
  • Do not rub your eyes unnecessarily.
  • Avoid going out in when the sun is at its peak.

Dr Yadav further says, “In summer, many people especially youngsters join swimming classes. One should take care of their eyes while doing so as chlorine water can also affect the eyes.”

Dr Sayalee Lahane, assistant professor, ophthalmology department at JJ Hospital said, “UV light can increase the risk of developing cataract and pterygium (a growth on the eye). Always use Polarised sunglasses and hats. Children and elderly people should also wear sun glasses. Don’t look directly towards the sun as the UV rays can be damaging to retina. Another helpful eye care tip is to wash your eyes with cool water once you reach home.”