How emerging technology is reshaping the private healthcare sector in India

It is not just green corridor, stem cell therapy and robotics. Virtual reality, patient personalisation and augmented reality are now emerging trends in private healthcare sector in India

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The corporate world and healthcare industry in India are working together to assimilate the new trends. Thousands of people are getting video consultations without visiting the hospital. Many are using their mobile phones to diagnoses the disease that they are suffering from.

The technology is enabling the healthcare industry to become more self-sufficient and to effectively use real time data analytics. Many personalised wearable devices are available in the market, which are managing person’s sugar level, blood pressure and heart rate.

Dr Sanjay Pathare, MD of Ruby Hall Clinic Pune, said, “We have started tele-medicine facility in peripheral areas of Pune. Patients can directly make a video call to the doctor and take consultation. We are also coming up with new techniques in robotics. Many tech-based companies are coming to meet hospital administration. They have products which will make healthcare delivery a hassle free thing for both doctors and patients.”

Dr Amita Phadnis, MD of ONP hospitals from Pune, said, “Smart technology enables hospitals to give better personalised experience to patients. It also makes doctor’s job easy as we have all the patient’s records stored with hospitals. Overall digital technology is helping us deliver in a better way to our patients.”

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