How can yoga help during menstruation?

On the eve of World Yoga Day, Prajakta Borse, Sports Nutritionist, and Yoga Expert shares how Yoga helps in our daily routine. And what impact does it have on women in their menstruation cycle

8 science-backed benefits of doing yoga, you must know about

The World Yoga Day indeed gives us an opportunity to build a healthy nation with adaptive inner senses and increased awareness. Yoga also improvises emotional threshold, so that you are less likely to get frustrated, angry or upset. Yoga helps you to stay positive during difficult phases in life. Staying healthy and positive from inside is the beauty, and it gets reflected on your outer skin. Your skin is the mirror of how strong and healthy you are from inside.

Studying yoga sutra will help you understand the origin of yoga and achieve the peaceful state of mind, reducing attachments to the materialistic world and rejuvenate the soul. It does not mean that one should stop his/her routine, but, it means to modify one’s habits to better ones.

In today’s corporate world, one should perform Yoga at the desk to retain flexibility and to prevent various lifestyle-related chronic disorders like blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and many more.

Prenatal health and training programs should contain yoga as its integral part. It allows the baby, inside mother’s womb, to generate positive attributes from the birth itself.

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How can yoga help during menstruation?

  • It is the only proven scientific exercise beneficial in the phase
  • It helps you to calm down
  • Get rid of any abdominal pain
  • Improvises blood circulation
  • Help you regulate your menstrual cycle

What you must eat before performing yoga?

You can drink some water or a dry fruit like a date or a fig, but Yoga proves best if performed empty stomach or you should have a gap of at least two hours after the meal.

What you must eat post yoga

After exercise, the body requires energy to sustain the contraction-relaxation of muscles, therefore, water or green tea or coconut water or basil seeds (subja) water can help you re-hydrate. After 45 minutes, you can have a light, healthy meal like ragi porridge or Shatavari gehu satva or yogurt or bowl of fruits or Dalia with veggies.