Hosh Mein Aao, says Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police starts #HoshMeinAao campaign, owing to increase in the drug abuse among city youths

Hosh Mein Aao, says Mumbai Police

With the Mumbai Police coming up with a new campaign on drug abuse, a tough war against drug abuse has now come to the fore. In a series of tweets on Saturday, the police have given various infographics and held conferences to spread the message of #HoshMeinAao (come back to your senses).

Rising incidents of drug abuse and prevalence of substance abuse, the city doctors and the police department is now trying all means of curbing this issue. Worryingly, the trend is widespread among the productive population. Cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine are hugely popular too. “Till about 3 years ago, we saw a huge use of opioid etc. But now, we see a lot of them using ‘cannabis’. Particularly, this addiction is huge in the age group between 13-30 years of age,” said Dr. Sagar Karia, psychiatrist at LTMG Sion hospital.

Dr. Yusuf A Matcheswalla, psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at Grants Medical College, JJ Group of Hospital says that cannabis and MD drugs are hot favourites.  “Many teens start consuming cannabis when they are in their eleventh standard or so. It is a relaxation drug. As they start consuming it more often, they start losing focus completely,” said Dr Matcheswalla.

Snake bite addiction, a kind of addiction which was more prevalent about 3 years ago has now come back in the city or rather more, their reportage has come to the fore now, say experts. “We must understand that drug abuse is a menace. Snake bite, in particular is a very rare form of intoxication. Roughly, 1 in 100 people have this addiction. But undoubtedly, substance abuse is definitely on a rise. This includes Cannabis, alcohol, cocaine and LSD. All of this is in the productive age group from 15years to 35 years of age,” said Dr. Rohan Jahagirdar, consultant psychiatrist at Chaitanya Institute for Mental Health, a de-addiction centre in Pune.

Doctors meanwhile said the police should instead focus more on busting the deep rooted drug racket in the city and state.