Hole in woman’s heart fixed without surgery

In one-of-its-kind incident in North Maharashtra, Doctors successfully treated a woman with a rare heart ailment. Instead of opting for an open heart surgery, a device was fit in her body, which made easier to treat her. And now, the woman is hale and hearty

Hole in woman's heart fixed without surgery

Nashik resident Sarika Chaudhari, was shocked, when she got to know about her heart condition. The situation worsened and her feet started swelling and she would frequently get tired while walking. During the check-up, she was informed by Dr Prashant Pawar about the hole in her aorta vessel, which is the largest blood vessel or the artery of the body.

Sarika’s ailing heart started giving her tough time. She even found it difficult to do her daily chores. Then, Dr. Lalit Lavankar, paediatric intervention cardiologist, Gunwant child healthcare centre, took over her case and from there; Sarika’s battle with the heart began.

Sarika suffered from rupture of sinus valsalva. This means, there was a hole in her aorta vessel. “At the base of the aorta, the valve of the sinus weakened over the period of time and the aortic root ruptured. As a result, extra blood started accumulating on the right side of the heart. This created the possibility of heart failure,” explained Dr. Lavankar.

And instead of going for an open heart surgery, doctor performed a procedure called rupture of sinus of valsalva device closure, to block the hole in the ruptured aorta vessel. An Amplatzer duct occluder 1 (ADO 1) device was placed inside the body in the aorta vessel, near the hole. “It was very difficult to close the hole of the ruptured blood vessel. But this device made it easy to treat her,” said, Dr Lalit Lavankar.

After surgery, this device is like a part of the heart and will be there for lifetime and helped to ease the blood circulation in the body. Dr. Lavankar further said that, “It can be beneficial to treat with this device. The patients, who undergo surgery, have to be in the ICU for seven days, but, through the medium of this device, a patient is discharged within two days.”

Doctors opine that treating patients through the medium of Amplatzer duct occluder 1 (ADO 1) device is a good option. As this kind of cases and patients are rare. “Surgery can be excluded due to this procedure. As going for surgery is always risky”, informed Dr. Kaushal Chatrapati, who is a heart specialist.

Sarika, who was worried about her ailing heart, is completely fine now. After the procedure, she has successfully resumed to her daily activities. For Sarika, the device is like a boon as her life is back on track now.

This is one-of-a-kind incident in North Maharashtra. Before this, similar treatment was done at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.