Himansh Kohli spills the beans on his fitness regime

‘Yariyaan’ fame Himansh Kohli, became the talk of the tinsel town, thanks to his conventional looks, attracting persona and chiselled bod. His well-defined abs paired with a shaped physique puts him in the club of the hottest newcomer in Bollywood. Here, the gym-junkie shares his keep-fit secrets with My Medical Mantra

Himansh Kohli spills the beans on his fitness regime

Himansh Kohli, who has become the heartthrob of many, is now gearing up for his upcoming flick ‘Ranchi Diaries’, spills the beans on his fitness routine.

Himansh Kohli spills the beans on his fitness regime
Himansh Kohli

MMM: How does your morning fitness routine begin?

Himansh: My schedule starts at 9:00 am with healthy and a heavy breakfast. I proceed by performing some stretching exercises, focusing on my flexibility. Moreover, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, I do gymnastics for two hours.   At 2: 00 pm, then I start practising different forms of dance like hip-hop, Bollywood and various other forms. Lastly, by 7: 00 pm in the evening, I hit the gym to maintain my physique and endurance.

MMM: Your favourite exercise?

Himansh: I love cross fit, as it works on all my body parts.

MMM: How goes your diet?

Himansh: For breakfast – I have milk and poha. Lunch includes food with lots of carbs, also my favourite home cooked food like dal with brown rice or curd, 2 rotis and chicken or soy to cover up my protein intake.  In the evening, I eat fruits, salads, home-made food, fish or chicken to recover from all sorts of regular fitness activities for dinner.

Himansh Kohli spills the beans on his fitness regime

MMM: What is your cheat food and how often do you cheat?

Himansh: I don’t believe in cheat food (laughs).  Because,  I prefer eating what I feel like to. I like to binge on chocolates and butter chicken.

MMM: What is your sleep schedule like?

Himansh: I hit the sack by 11.30 pm and I sleep for seven or eight hours.

MMM: Fitness tips for the readers…

Himansh: Be optimistic and eat what suits your body. Have your meals after every two to three hours. Workout, as that is the primary way to burn your carbs and fats and to be in shape.