Here’s why you should not hold your urine for too long

Holding in pee for extended periods of time can cause bladder infections, kidney ailments warn doctors

Here’s why you should not hold your urine for too long

Have you ever been stuck in a massive traffic jam in Mumbai? Does anyone of you experience traffic snarls in Delhi? If you ask this question to a Mumbaikar or a Delhiite, where huge traffic jams are normal, 100% of the people would respond saying yes.

And the most common issue we face while get stuck in the jam is how and where to urinate? As there is hardly any chance of getting out of the car, we tend to hold in urine for a prolonged period of time. But, experts say holding in urine for a longer period of time can affect the kidneys.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shreerang Bicchu, senior nephrologist and Head of Department (HOD) of Bombay Hospital said, “Every Mumbaikar has to face traffic jam issues on a daily basis. Ideally, one should urinate whenever the need arises. But, when we get stuck in traffic, we control our pee for three to four hours at a stretch. Holding in urine for a longer period of time can cause a kidney ailment.”

Dr Soumyan Dey, Urologist from Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi says, “Patient with diabetes, hypertension, a history of kidney ailments and people suffering from a kidney stones, are more likely to suffer while getting stuck in the traffic. When we control urine for a long time the urinary bladder gets filled. This is likely to cause an infection in the kidney.”

During the monsoon season, the traffic jam due to the potholes and the flooded streets make it even more difficult for city folks.

Dr Amit Bhoir, Nephrologist attached to Terana Speciality hospital and Research Centre says, “During the monsoon season, we tend to sweat less. Owing to which the urinary bladder gets filled quickly. If we control urine for hours on end, then it will likely cause a health issue.”