Here’s why you should discourage your kid from holding a pencil in their mouth

Doctors reveal how an innocent habit of putting a pen or a pencil in the mouth can damage one's jaw overtime. And the effects can it cause to you or your kids

Here’s why you should discourage your kid from holding a pencil in their mouth
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Have you ever been scolded by you mother/father or elders in the house – to not hold or put the pencil in your mouth? And most of the time the answer would be a loud yes! All of us have had the habit of holding or putting a pencil in the mouth, while we are thinking of/or reading something.

Sometimes, you would be holding a pen in your mouth, and imitating you your kid does the same. But, do you know why did your parents reprimand you? No. Then you must listen to the experts. Because this habit of yours could damage your teeth.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Oral Consultant, and Maxillofacial surgeon form Pune, Dr JB Garde, said, “The habit of putting or holding a pen or pencil in the mouth is called as a ‘Para-functional’ habit. Kids have a very flexible jaw, and if they have a habit of holding a pen in the mouth, then it can tamper the shape of the jaw. The structure of the teeth can change, resulting in their damage.”

Dr Garde further added, “The second major issue which arises is, those who have the habit of holding a pen or pencil in their mouth, start breathing from the mouth. And due to the changed jaw structure their mouth remains open.”

Long-term effects of the habit of holding a pen-pencil in mouth:

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Gums get damaged
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Injury to the tissues of the mouth
  • Lead poisoning

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Mahesh Mali, said, “Constantly holding a pen/pencil in the mouth can create gaps between the teeth. Due to wear and tear of the bones, the teeth start shaking and moving. In rare cases, due to lead, patches can be seen on kid’s teeth. The main reason for this habit is mental stress and anxiety.”

While Dr Sagar Mundada, a psychiatrist, said, “A very few people have a habit of putting or holding a pen-pencil in their mouth. But, few people do this while they are in tension.”