Here’s what you really need to know about detox drinks

To some extent, the present generation is obsessed with losing weight via the ‘removal’ of toxins in the body. This is evidenced by the numerous detox drinks that are advertised during the summer season and the endless choices that are available all year round


Typically, a person will include these drinks in a detox diet, which they follow along with an exercise regimen. But did you know that there is very little evidence of these drinks being able to really ‘detoxify’ the human body?

Of course, the idea of detoxification itself is based on science, although it is normally used by doctors to refer to a person causing harm to themselves via a drug or substance addiction.

In this context, detoxification refers to the process of helping a patient get through intoxication. By that, the use of the word detox in drinks is a bit inappropriate, since it may usually refer to helping in weight loss, boosting overall health, and improving the body’s natural process of detoxification.

Having said these, is it safe to say that these detox drinks really work?

According to a report published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, there’s still evidence that these detox drinks can give you some benefits, specifically with how they can help your liver remove toxins from your body. Unfortunately, the report also indicated that the evidence is based on small studies with small sample sizes, as well as flawed methodologies.

On one hand, one study from the journal Current Gastroenterology Reports illustrated that a detox diet paired with detox drinks can help a person lose weight, though this is largely because of the diet itself having low calories.

So does this mean detox drinks bad? Well, not essentially. In fact, although these drinks do not really detoxify, they can be quite helpful in other ways.

Since detox drinks have fruit and vegetable ingredients, they may help provide the nutrition people need. In most cases, they can be a refreshing companion to a healthy meal.

Source: Medical Daily