Here’s how you can get rid of puffy eyes


Tea bags

Caffeinated tea bags help lighten your dark eye circles. The caffeine contains antioxidants that improve blood flow and protects skin against UV rays.

As a result, it slows the ageing process and also prevents the accumulation of eye bags. Green tea is a good choice due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

To administer, steep two bags for three to five minutes and let them chill for 20 more. Remove the excess water and place the bags on the targeted area for 15 to 30 minutes.


Protecting your skin from UV rays prevents premature aging and discoloration. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays and moisturizes the skin. Thus, applying an SPF 30 sunscreen on the affected area prevents the build-up of dark circles around the eyes.

Avoid alcohol and quit smoking

Drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking are among the common unhealthy habits of many people. When you smoke, it dries up and weakens your skin resulting to wrinkled and weary eyes, according to WebMD.

On the other hand, alcohol contributes to dehydration which leads to darkened eye circles. Avoiding these substances prevents your eye from ageing faster, keeps them hydrated and minimizes the appearance of eye bags.

Hydrate yourself

Sixty per cent of our body’s weight consists of water. Since eye bags accumulate faster when you are dehydrated, sufficient intake of water helps prevent them. Drinking at least 13 cups of water for men and nine cups for women a day does the trick.

Cold compress

Stress is part of daily life especially among working adults. When you are physically and mentally tired, your eyes become puffy. You can avoid swollen eyes by pressing cold cucumber slices or chilled spoons against the targeted area.

Ample sleep

Sleep is a significant factor in skin aging. Lack thereof makes your complexion paler and intensifies the appearance of eye bags. Health Line suggests that adults should sleep for at least seven to eight hours at night to prevent puffy eyes from forming.

Healthy diet

Eye bags develop due to weakened muscles and tissues. As a result, your eyelids sag including the fat that surrounds your eyes. Consuming food that is rich in vitamin C and amino acids support collagen production and boost your hyaluronic acid levels. When this happens, you maintain healthier skin and prevent the formation of eye bags over time.

Source: Medical Daily

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