Here’s how to check for development delays in your child

New Horizons Health and Research Foundation (NHF) in association with Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (LTMGH) and University of New Mexico, USA conducted a study in Mumbai in 2015-16 to develop a brief simple screening tool that can be used by any clinician or even the mother to identify developmental delays

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The check-list aligns with the cultural importance of the first birthday of the child.

12 month 18 month
The child clapping hands when asked to (without showing) The child saying eight or more words
The child pushing her arm through a sleeve, while dressing The child saying 2-3 words representing different ideas
The child picking a small object using pincer grip The child walking downstairs with assistance
The child putting a toy down and then taking her hands off it

Dr Samir Dalwai: “Disability is in the mind of the one who thinks of the other as disabled.”